Why Pattaya? Is Pattaya worth visiting in 2023?


1. Nightlife of Pattaya

dream destination for party lovers
The vibrant nightlife in Pattaya is one of the best attractions. As dusk falls, this location transforms into the ultimate party spot.
The vibrant atmosphere that prevails at night is a key factor in the high number of tourists who come here.
Numerous other activities and countless bars will keep partygoers busy all night. Many resorts offer inexpensive and easily accessible gourmet restaurants and cocktail units.
They have a strip of nightclubs and karaoke rooms for family entertainment.2.

2. Pattaya floating market

market on boats
One of the top reasons to travel to Pattaya is to experience its floating market.
This area has been divided into four sections to symbolize Thailand’s four distinct regions.
One can find restaurants, stalls, and souvenir shops in this section of the Pattaya floating market.
For gifts for family and friends, one can buy wood carvings, handmade clocks, and traditional Thai clothing.
Incredible discounts on Thai cuisine and handicrafts can be found here.

3. Pattaya walking street

7 Best Things to Do After Dinner in Pattaya - Where to Go in Pattaya at Night? – Go Guides
Although this location is well known for its nightlife, families and young children should avoid visiting.
Here, there are a lot of go-go bars and beer bars.
Numerous discos can be found here,
but Candy Shop, Lucifer, Marine Disco, Insomnia, Tony’s,
and Mixx are among the biggest.

The well-known Walking Street is where Pattaya’s nightlife is concentrated.
The street’s lights and music enhance its lovely yet energetic atmosphere.
Nowhere else in Thailand can one have the experience that one has here.

4. Central festival mall

Central Pattaya | Central Pattana (CPN)
One of the biggest malls in Asia, this one offers customers a wide range of goods.
The mall’s top is serene and offers a wonderful beach view.
Their food court area offers delicious, affordable food. There is a fantastic movie theatre complex and a bowling alley on the top floor.

5. Sanctuary of truth

ancient-style wooden temple
Laem Ratchawet is home to this wooden temple built in the style of an ancient temple in the north of Pattaya.
The idea that religious and philosophical truths created and sustained human civilization led to the construction of this magnificent and exceptional temple.
All seven of the world’s creators—the earth, sun, moon, mother, father, stars, and heaven—are represented in this place in the humanized form.
The entire temple, made entirely of wood, merits a visit.

6. The Tiffany show

Modeling girl
There are many things to do in Pattaya, but Tiffany’s show is one of the most well-liked.
This ladyboy cabaret show is appropriate for all ages. The show at 19:30 is regarded as the evening’s best performance.
Guests can also take pictures with ladyboys, though some photographers charge a fee while others accept tips.

7. The Elephant Village

man on the back of elephant
For animal lovers, this location offers a distinctive experience.
In this sanctuary, magnificent creatures are given refuge, where they can live in dignity and safety.
This location is also a lifesaver because the entrance fees paid by tourists go toward helping elephants now and in the future.
Elephant Village is a nonprofit organization that uses all donations for the care and treatment of elephants.
They show off a variety of elephant behaviours, such as riding an elephant and living an elephant’s daily life.
In this village, elephant trekking is a well-liked activity that everyone should participate in.

8. Pattaya food

grilled meat
Pattaya has tens of thousands of bars and many inexpensive restaurants serving delectable food.
Here, you can find food carts, food stalls, food markets, meatball carts, stationary and mobile vendors,
coffee-selling tuk-tuks, and many other options. One can choose where they would like to eat based on their budget.
Another draw to this restaurant is its fried insects, If you’re a foodie, Pattaya should be your next vacation destination for several compelling reasons.

9. Beaches

people chilling at a beach in Koh Larn Island
You must get lost in Pattaya’s unspoiled landscape and lovely beaches if you want to understand what the city is like.
Do you want to know how many beaches in Pattaya you can visit while on vacation?
Don’t worry; we’ve selected a few of the most gorgeous for you.

Check out this list of the best beaches in Pattaya and the experiences that they offer to pick your favourites:

  • Jomtien Beach – The Most Happening Beach In Pattaya
  • Pattaya Beach – A Beach For Ultimate Adventure And Thrill
  • Wong Amat Beach – A Perfect Family Beach
  • Bang Saen Beach – A Place For Those In Search Of Peace
  • Koh Larn Beach – Heaven For Newlyweds
  • Naklua Beach – Away From The Hustle Bustles Of The Main City
  • Dong Tan Beach – The Most Popular Gay Beach In Pattaya
  • Bang Saray Beach The Perfect Spot For Contemplation
  • Samae Beach For A Slice Of Beach Life
  • Tien Beach For Your Tropical Island Fantasies
  • Tawaen Beach – Surrounded With Lush Mountains
  • Bamboo Beach – A Lesser-Known Beach

10. Non-Beach Activities in Pattaya

Mini Siam

The Mini Siam exhibit is a miniature replica exhibition of some of the most renowned buildings in the world, including the Statue of Liberty,
the Arc de Triomphe, Bangkok’s Victory Monument, and others.

Underwater World Pattaya

Thailand’s first contemporary aquarium features a large collection of tropical species.
Here, you can swim with sharks and stingrays, feed the fish with bottles, and observe their performances.
So what is your answer? Is Pattaya worth visiting? Please comment below. And that’s all for today. See you in our next video.

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