Water buffalo gores farmer to death in northeast Thailand

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A female water buffalo in heat gored a farmer to death in Nakhon Nayok province in northeast Thailand yesterday.

Officers at Ban Na Police Station were informed that a buffalo chased and killed a man at Village No. 7 in Ban Phrao subdistrict. Police and rescue workers from the Sawang Ariya Foundation travelled to the scene to investigate.

Police found the body of 55 year old Manoch [surnname reserved] lying in overgrown grass. Police said Manoch’s body was “deformed,” and his arms and legs were severely broken.

Nearby, a seven year old female buffalo was found with human organs hanging from her horns.

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Manoch’s relatives said they were looking for him since the morning and found his crumpled body around noon.

The deceased’s relative, Naphirat, said she bought the killer buffalo for 800 baht when it was just a baby and she raised it herself at home.

Soon after, Manoch took a liking to the buffalo and asked Naphira if he could raise her himself. He took care of her ever since.

Yesterday, the buffalo was in heat, grew restless, escaped from her pen, and ran off to be among buffalo in the fields raised by other farmers in the village.

Manoch set out early yesterday morning to find the escapee buffalo and bring her back home. That was the last time Manoch was seen alive.

When Manoch didn’t return, his relatives grew concerned and started searching for him yesterday morning, to discover his body in the grass nearby.

As soon as Manoch’s body was found, brave Aphiwat led the belligerent buffalo back to its pen and tied it up to prevent it from harming anyone else.

Manoch’s body was taken for an autopsy at H.R.H Maha Chakri Siriunghorn Medical Centre.

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