Visually impaired man accuses relatives of deceit over 20,000 baht loan in Thailand

A 36 year old visually impaired man, known as Likhit, accused his relatives of tricking him into signing off his land rights, under the misconception that he was signing a loan agreement. The incident took place today, at 12pm.

Likhit explained that he once borrowed 20,000 baht from his relatives, with a 10% interest rate, for which he agreed to pay 2,000 baht per month. He believed he was signing a loan agreement. However, he later found out that he had unknowingly signed off his six acres of land in Wang Nam Khiao, a valuable piece of real estate.

Likhit, who has been blind for the past 12 years, said he was unaware of the land transfer. He stressed that he never intended to sign off his inherited land, which he received from his late mother.

One day, his relatives informed him that they would seize the land due to his failure to pay the interest. Although Likhit admitted that he hadn’t paid them, he was shocked when they threatened to evacuate everyone living on the land, planning to utilise it for sugarcane cultivation. Before this, Likhit had donated a part of the land for the construction of a water tank for the villagers’ use.

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Likhit added that besides this issue, he recently lost his job as his employer, a construction camp contractor, failed to pay his wages and disappeared. He reported the matter to the Dongs centre but there has been no progress. Likhit is left with only 40 baht and is considering selling his mother’s inherited land.

Ekhaphop Lueangprasert, an advisor to the Minister of Interior and founder of the page Silk Must Survive, stated that they empathise with Likhit’s situation and will take the matter to the Ministry of Justice for verification. If the claims are true, and the land was illegitimately seized, justice must be served.

Ministry of Justice

Ekaphop added that Likhit, who is blind in both eyes, travelled from Nakhon Ratchasima in the evening of yesterday, arriving almost at midnight. They provided him with accommodation and learned about his ordeal.

Ekaphop pointed out that Likhit is a selfless individual, having donated a part of his land for public benefit. The act of exploiting a disabled person in such a manner is unacceptable. The Ministry of Justice will continue to investigate.

Ekaphop also urged local authorities to proactively help individuals like Likhit so they don’t have to travel such long distances seeking help. He expressed deep sympathy for Likhit’s situation, reported KhaoSod.

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