Online bought solar cell causes devastating fire in Thai family home

A tragic incident occurred when a solar cell-induced short circuit resulted in a catastrophic fire that razed an entire house in Pathumthani Province’s Bang Khu Wat district. The unfortunate event happened on January 3, at house number 40, Moo 9, Bang Khu Wat, Mueang Pathumthani District, leaving the house and all its contents destroyed.

The single-storey house, elevated and roofed with galvanised sheets, was home to a family of four – a son, a grandson, a granddaughter-in-law, and a young child of the grandson. The house patriarch, 80 year old Sompong Boonrod, lived separately by the canal due to his occupation as a fisherman.

The family’s main income was from the fish he caught daily, with his son assisting in the sales, earning approximately 300-400 baht per day, though some days yielded no income. The grandson worked as a taxi rider but his earnings were unpredictable and there were no other sources of income, leading to significant financial strain.

The house was not connected to the electricity grid, and the family relied solely on a solar cell they had bought from an online website. It is believed that an electrical short circuit from the solar cell caused the fire. At the time of the incident, no one was home, resulting in the house being destroyed by the fire.

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The disaster has left the family destitute, as all their possessions were in the house. Thankfully, no one was injured, and most of the fishing equipment was not at the house during the incident.

When the fire occurred, Sompong was present with the firefighting officials but could only watch helplessly as his home, his only property, was consumed by the flames. After the incident, initial assistance was provided by the relevant departments but it was insufficient.

Today Bang Khu Wat Municipality offered survival bags and bedding to the family. Those willing to assist this family can donate items to the aforementioned address or transfer funds to Sompong Boonrod’s account number 013672212369 at the Government Savings Bank, Pathumthani Branch, reported KhaoSod.

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