Phuket motorbike rider’s viral video sparks amusement and debate

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On Wednesday, a video titled “The end of a reckless teenager” was posted by TikTok user @lineage5578, showing a young man proudly displaying his modified motorbike. At the beginning of the video, he revs the engine to demonstrate its loud and powerful exhaust, before setting off on a nighttime ride. Keen observers will note that two police officers can be seen in the background, carrying out their duties by the roadside.

The video then jumps forward in time, revealing the same young man sitting with his head down on a wooden table, appearing to be on the verge of tears. Opposite him, a police officer can be seen writing out a ticket in accordance with the law. It is presumed that the authorities managed to catch up with him and stop him, resulting in this unfortunate situation. To top it off, the rider will also have to pay a fine of 2,000 baht.

Since the release of the footage, the video has gone viral, garnering over 500,000 views. Netizens have left numerous comments, many of them humorous, such as…

“Where did you tune the bike?”

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“Walking with a limp, eh?”

“That exhaust sound is impressive!”

“Why is the bike moving so awkwardly? The rider seems to be limping too.”

Moreover, the video has generated widespread discussion among Thai social media users, becoming a viral sensation. Whether viewed as a cautionary tale of the consequences of recklessness or a source of amusement for the online community, the events captured in this video have undoubtedly struck a chord with many.


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