VIDEO: Colossal crocodile stomps through road in eastern Thailand

A colossal crocodile was spotted stomping through the rainy streets of Chachoengsao province in eastern Thailand last week.

Locals driving through the rain in Bang Kaew district did a double take when they realised what they initially thought was a monitor lizard was a crocodile.

A clip reveals the 2 metre long beast sauntering through the road in heavy rain before descending into a pond.

The croc was successfully removed from the urban area by a rescue team, leaving everyone wondering how on earth a crocodile ended up there in the first place.

It’s not the first time a crocodile has been found in the district, suggesting there is a crocodile farm with poor security located somewhere nearby. Locals would like whoever is raising crocodiles to vamp up security measures to prevent crocodiles from popping up in the community.

Crocodiles emerge in the most unusual locations in Thailand. In August, a croc was spotted sunbathing in a pond in the heart of Bangkok.

Earlier this month, a 42 year old man in Khon Kaen told the media how he shot, barbequed and cooked a crocodile that showed up at his house. The unlucky croc is thought to have escaped from a flooded crocodile farm.

Crocodile farms are popular in Thailand because croc meat is a widely eaten delicacy. During the pandemic, wholesale buyers cancelled bulk croc orders, forcing crocodile farmers to slash their prices. One man in Trang province, southern Thailand, accumulated 450 crocodiles during the pandemic, which he kept in 1 rai of land.

Crocodiles seem to pop up in Thailand during heavy rainfall and floods, which are both forecasted all over Thailand this week as a result of Tropical Storm Noru.

SOURCE: อนุวัต จัดให้

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