Las Vegas: Horrific campus carnage strikes University of Nevada, leaving 3 dead

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At the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, US, three lives were taken and another was left fighting for survival in a campus shooting. The assailant is also confirmed dead, adding another grim chapter to America’s struggle with gun violence.

Yesterday, December 6, gunshots were heard through the campus of the University of Nevada.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department gave a statement on the shooting.

“According to our investigators at the scene, we have three deceased victims and one additional victim in critical condition at a local hospital.”

The incident prompted a swift and intense response from law enforcement, with officers engaging the suspect amidst the chaos. Terrified students were seen fleeing, with police escorting them to safety. One woman eyewitnesses shared a chilling account of what happened.

“I was just having breakfast and then I heard three, like, loud booms. Then two more, and then the police showed up there and ran inside… but then after two minutes boom, boom, boom, more shots.”

As the hours ticked by, the university remained on edge, urging people to shelter in place. Brett Forrest, a reporter on the scene, revealed more about the situation.

“We are told that they’re coming building by building, slowly letting out each building, making sure no additional victims or anyone else inside, so they might take a while.”

Nearby institutions closed their doors for the day, and flights into the international airport were temporarily grounded, causing disruptions in the bustling city, reported Bangkok Post.

Las Vegas, often associated with glitz and glamour, has been marred by a haunting history of mass shootings. The city witnessed one of America’s deadliest-ever mass shootings in 2017, leaving 60 lives shattered.

The latest incident adds to the grim statistics of mass shootings in the United States, where gun violence remains an alarming part of daily life. The Gun Violence Archive reports over 600 mass shootings this year alone, highlighting a disturbing trend that continues to grip the nation.

Efforts to address the issue of gun control face staunch opposition, with political paralysis prevailing despite widespread public outrage. The Washington Post’s tally reveals 38 incidents of mass shootings, showcasing the urgency for effective measures to curb the escalating crisis.

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