Giant albino buffalo stuns PM Srettha in historic encounter

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Ko Muang Phet, a majestic albino buffalo, towering at an impressive 180 centimetres and tipping the scales at a hefty 1.5 tonnes, made a grand entrance at the Government House yesterday.

The nearly five-year-old stud, a symbol of rarity and grace, was escorted to meet Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin in remarkable advocacy for the promotion of Thai buffaloes as a beacon of soft power on the global stage.

PM Srettha, standing tall at 192cm, went nose-to-nose with Ko Muang Phet. The premier was visibly moved.

“I had no idea there was ever such a beautiful buffalo before!”

Jittanat Limthongkul, the proud owner of Wanasuwan Farm, shared with the 62 year old PM the burgeoning interest in the breed and the timely opportunity to champion the Thai buffalo as the nation’s soft power emblem. Earlier this month, Jittanat acquired the impressive beast for a record 18 million baht from Chiang Rai.

The previous day, Ko Muang Phet had already turned heads on Phra Athit Road, captivating tourists and locals alike, who clamoured for photographs with the gentle giant. Looking ahead, Jittanat plans to showcase Ko Muang Phet, along with other unique buffaloes, at the Songkran celebrations on Khao San Road, promising a spectacle of size and splendour.

Amid safety concerns, the Thai prime minister expressed cautious support. Jittanat reassured that Ko Muang Phet is not aggressive and loves water, committing to bring only the finest specimens to Bangkok. He also highlighted Ko Muang Phet’s potential growth and longevity, sparking a broader discussion on the strategic promotion of the Thai buffalo breed internationally, akin to Japan’s lucrative carp industry, reported The Nation.

Wrapping up the historic meeting, PM Srettha initiated steps to showcase Thai buffaloes in a forthcoming roadshow to China, marking a significant stride towards international recognition and appreciation of Thailand’s cultural and natural heritage.


ORIGINAL STORY: Cash cow: Albino buffalo sells for record 18 million baht

A rare albino buffalo from Phetchaburi has charged into the record books, fetching a staggering 18 million baht, marking it the most expensive buffalo deal in Thai history, proving that this buffalo truly stands out from the herd when it comes to valuable livestock.

Renowned for its breathtaking beauty and colossal stature, Ko Muang Phet isn’t just another farm animal, it’s a genetic marvel. With a staggering 90% chance of passing on its albino traits, this buffalo is a game-changer in the breeding industry, promising a lineage of rare offspring.

But Ko Muang Phet isn’t just a pretty face in the fields, it’s a star of both screen and pasture. The buffalo stole the show as Ai Khlaow’s trusty companion in the hit drama Mon Rak Luk Thung, cementing its status as an icon beyond the barnyard.

Standing tall at 180 centimetres and just five years young, Ko Muang Phet reigns supreme as Thailand’s undisputed giant breeding buffalo champion. Yet, its days of competition are over, as it retires to focus on its true calling: siring the next generation of albino wonders.

Recently, Wanasuwan Farm in Chiang Rai made waves by acquiring this celebrity buffalo, shelling out a jaw-dropping 18 million baht at the prestigious 12th Uthai Thani Thai Buffalo Festival, reported The Nation.

Damrongsak Morakot, Ko Muang Phet’s former owner, shared his journey from humble buffalo beginnings to multimillion-baht deals, driven by a passion for Thailand’s cattle.

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