Unusual pork leg recipe with Ovaltine goes viral

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A viral video on Facebook has revealed an unusual pork leg recipe that has left many astonished.

The secret ingredient? Ovaltine, a cocoa-based drink powder known for its distinct malt and chocolate flavours. The unexpected culinary use of the beverage has gained enormous attention online, with the clip amassing over three million views.

The video was shared by a consumer on Facebook.

“Everyone who sees it is surprised and curious if it’s really edible with Ovaltine like this. But I’ll tell you that most of the pork leg shops also put it in, it may be their recipe that many people may be familiar with hearing about Milo pork leg, but this is Ovaltine. In fact, they are not different. The taste will be more creamy and unique than the usual, simple to say, it’s delicious, depending on each person’s preference.”

The original clip was posted by TikTok user @unun.sohot, and it quickly went viral, with more than three million views. It shows the behind-the-scenes preparation of a large pot of pork leg, intended to be served at a religious event. Instead of the expected array of spices, the cook adds Ovaltine to the pork leg broth. The malt extract and cocoa powder in Ovaltine are what make the difference.

This unusual ingredient raised many eyebrows, with people wondering if a chocolate-flavoured drink could indeed enhance the taste of pork leg. However, several comments confirmed the legitimacy of this recipe, with many claiming they had been enjoying it since childhood.

The taste is described as delicious, creamy, and more nuanced than regular pork leg. Some who had previously sold pork leg also confirmed that adding either Milo or Ovaltine could yield similar results, enhancing the colour and flavour of the pork, reported Sanook.

This unexpected blend of sweet and savoury has intrigued many, causing the clip to spread widely across social media. It’s an inventive approach to traditional cooking, challenging conventional culinary norms and sparking fascination among food enthusiasts. As the viral video demonstrates, sometimes the most unlikely ingredients can result in the most delicious dishes.

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