UFO sighting over Prachinburi pond sparks local curiosity

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A former MP candidate claims to have witnessed a large UFO over a pond in Prachinburi’s Prachinwanarom Park, describing it as a recurring phenomenon. She believes the UFO visits to extract energy and has linked it to lucky lottery numbers.

Yesterday, June 29, a video was posted showing a large, soft blue light moving upwards in the night sky over a pond in Prachinburinwanarom Park, Prachinburi City Municipality, Prachinburi Province. The light emitted a long beam, cutting through the darkness and making it clearly visible.

The video was recorded by Uthaiwadi Trakarncharoensuk, a 67 year old former MP candidate for Prachinburi District 1 in 2019 from the Thai Nation Power Party, along with her sister. The excited narration in the video described the object as a UFO.

Uthaiwadi and her sister, Neng, reported that they spotted the light on June 25 at 7.06pm while exercising and playing badminton in the park. They noticed a soft blue light rising from the pond, prompting Uthaiwadi to alert her sister and quickly grab her phone to capture the footage.

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“The light beam seemed to greet us for over 35 seconds, showing more clearly than any of the 10 times I’ve seen it before over the pond in Prachinwanarom Park. This is the first sighting this year. I believe it responded after I mentally communicated, wondering why it hadn’t appeared recently.”

Uthaiwadi firmly believes that the object was a UFO and suspects it came to extract some form of energy from the pond. She noted that whenever the UFO appears, the fish in the pond exhibit unusual behaviour, such as jumping and dancing, as if reacting to an energy presence, reported KhaoSod.

Given this recent sighting, the first of the year, she feels that the UFO might bring good fortune, interpreting the event as an auspicious sign. Consequently, she has derived the lottery numbers 053 and 035 from the sighting.

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