Man bitten by python while trying to help friend in Pattaya

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A man’s attempt to help a friend by catching a snake with his bare hands ended in chaos when the reptile bit him, necessitating immediate medical attention. Rescue workers were called to handle the situation and release the snake far from the community.

Rescue workers from Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Foundation in Pattaya received a report of a snakebite incident at a residence in Moo 1, Khao Mai Kaew, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri. Upon receiving the call, volunteers quickly arrived at the scene to assist.

The incident took place yesterday. The injured 51 year old man was bitten on his right wrist. After providing initial first aid, the rescue team transported him to the hospital. Meanwhile, locals gathered around, pointing out a large python curled up in a drainage pipe beside the house.

It took the rescue workers over half an hour to capture the sizeable python, which weighed approximately 20 kilogrammes and measured around 3 metres in length. Once safely contained, the snake was transported and released back into its natural habitat, away from populated areas.

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The homeowner, 50 year old Sutjai, recounted that the injured man was a friend who tried to help catch the large python that had entered the house. Unfortunately, he attempted to catch the snake with his bare hands and got bitten in the process, reported KhaoSod.

“He wanted to help but used the wrong method and got bitten on his arm,” Sutjai said.

The rescue team’s expertise in handling snakes ensured the reptile was safely captured and relocated without further incident. The injured man’s quick transport to the hospital also helped prevent more severe damage from the bite.

In related news, a football player had an unexpected encounter with a large python at a stadium in Chon Buri, prompting a rescue team to capture the snake and its numerous eggs, which posed a threat to children playing in the area.

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