House collapses into Mae Klong River, owner narrowly escapes

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A house collapsed into the Mae Klong River, causing a severe scare for neighbouring residents. The homeowner narrowly escaped being crushed by the debris, and a quick response prevented potential electrical hazards.

Rescue workers from the Sawang Benjatham Samut Songkhram Foundation were alerted to the incident at 7pm yesterday. A single-storey wooden house located on Phet Samut Road in Mae Klong, Mueang District, completely collapsed into the river. Fortunately, the incident occurred during low tide.

The homeowner, 58 year old Pichai, was found by neighbours and rescued from the rubble. He sustained a severe headache and a swollen head from being struck by debris. Rescue officials promptly transported him to Somdet Phra Phutthalertla Hospital for further treatment.

A neighbour, Aswin, recounted the terrifying moment he heard a loud crash around 7pm. Startled, he rushed outside and saw Pichai calling for help while trying to crawl out from under the wreckage.

Aswin noticed that Pichai was being slightly electrocuted by fallen power lines in the water. Acting swiftly, Aswin cut the power, preventing further danger. He noted that the low tide, referred to by locals as dead water, significantly reduced the risk. Had it been high tide, the water level would have been over 2 metres higher, potentially leading to drowning or fatal electrocution for Pichai, reported KhaoSod.

Initial reports suggest that Pichai was alone in the house, resting when the collapse occurred. The probable cause of the collapse is the house’s old condition, coupled with deteriorating support posts embedded in the Mae Klong River. The structural failure of these posts likely led to the house’s collapse. The relevant officials are investigating the cause and planning further assistance measures.

In related news, a section of Chao Phraya River embankment collapsed causing significant concern among locals and governmental officials in Nonthaburi’s Pak Kret district. The embankment collapsed at approximately 5.40pm on June 9, leaving concrete rubble and exposed rebar stretching 75 metres.

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