Tha Bo’s watery battle: Northern Thailand community withstands relentless flooding for two weeks

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In the face of relentless and devastating flooding, the resilient community of Tha Bo in Ubon Ratchathani, northern Thailand, has been grappling with the harsh reality of nature’s fury for the past two weeks.

The disaster uprooted the lives of 11 families, comprising 40 individuals, who found refuge and solace at Wat Ban Tha Bo. Their homes have been submerged in over a metre of water, an agonising consequence of the Mun River overflowing its banks. This inundation has rendered their once-habitable spaces uninhabitable, leaving them with no choice but to seek higher ground.

The temporary shelter provided by the Ja Rae Ma Municipal Authority offered some respite to these displaced families. However, their daily struggle for survival remains a daunting challenge.

Their situation took a small turn for the better when the 21st Air Force Unit extended a lifeline in the form of a single survival bag donation. These bags have become a lifeline, providing essential sustenance for those who have been displaced by the floodwaters, reported KhaoSod.

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Despite this gesture of goodwill, the situation remains dire. Other relief agencies have been slow to respond, and some are hampered by logistical challenges, leaving these flood-affected families in a state of urgent need.

Their plea for additional survival bags is a desperate cry for assistance to supplement their meagre meals and sustain them through this trying period of flooding.

The crisis extends beyond the Tha Bo community, encompassing a broader swath of Ubon Ratchathani province.

The Mun River’s relentless surges have inundated nine districts, causing widespread disruption and displacement. Two districts, Mueang and Warin Chamrap, have borne the brunt of the flooding, with 25 additional communities and 419 families, comprising a staggering total of 1,431 people, being compelled to evacuate to 20 temporary shelters.

As of today, there is a glimmer of hope in the form of a gradual decrease in the water level at the M7 water station located at the Seree Prachathipatai Bridge in Mueang Ubon Ratchathani.

The level has receded by 5 centimetres, yet it still hovers ominously at 7.67 metres—exceeding the riverbank by a precarious 67 centimetres.

The journey to recovery and normalcy for these affected communities remains fraught with challenges, and the generosity and swift assistance of relief agencies and the broader community is the beacon of hope that they desperately need during these trying times.

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