Noodle shop’s slippery surprise: Giant python crashes lunchtime in Yala, Thailand

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.

A giant python, almost 5 metres long and weighing 7 kilogrammes, caused a stir today when it slithered into a noodle shop in Yala, Thailand. The reptile was discovered by the shop owner, Suhayna Beeing, who immediately alerted residents of the Gunung Janoang community, sparking panic and attracting a crowd of onlookers.

Suhayna noticed the giant python hiding under a pile of goods in his shop at 90/26 Gunung Janoang. The shop owner’s call for help was answered by Kanob, a local farmer and president of the local charity foundation, Sawang Betong Thammasathan. He was accompanied by Patcharin Inta-at, president of the Betong Social Association, and a team of Sawang Betong rescuers.

The team cautiously moved the pile of goods to expose the python, using special equipment to grip its head. The tight space and the python’s size made the task challenging. Despite the tense situation, the rescuers and onlookers were relieved when the python showed no signs of aggression.

The rescue operation took about 30 minutes, after which the python was slowly drawn out of the shop and displayed on the stone patio in front of the house. The crowd marvelled at the spectacle, with some gasping at the python’s size – nearly 5 metres long and weighing about 7 kilogrammes.

The rescuers then secured the python in a sack and loaded it onto a vehicle, ready to release it back into the wild.

Suhayna, still shaken by the experience, recounted his terrifying encounter. He was tidying up his shop when he noticed the large python. He ran out to call for help from neighbours, who confirmed it was indeed a python, prompting him to call the rescue team.

Suhayna confessed that he was extremely frightened and shocked, having never encountered such a large python before, KhaoSod reported.

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