TV host left scarred after beauty treatment botch-up at popular Thai clinic

Photo: Sanook.

A beauty clinic client shared her traumatic experience after a beauty procedure went wrong, resulting in severe burns on her face. The beauty treatment was carried out by a new employee who apparently adjusted the equipment incorrectly.

The client, named only as Am, works as a TV show host. She has been left in agony, unable to work, and facing a significant financial burden for corrective treatment.

The incident occurred on September 3, at an unnamed clinic in a local Thai shopping centre. After receiving a usual acne treatment, the client underwent a basic laser treatment, performed not by a doctor, but by a clinic employee.

Am reported feeling intense heat during the beauty treatment, which did not subside even after it had finished. Despite her distress, the clinic only provided steroids for relief, without any immediate cooling treatment.

Following the incident, Am immediately reported it to the police. The clinic, admitting their mistake, promised full compensation for the costs incurred. However, as of September 22, the client had not received any form of compensation or an apology from the clinic’s management.

The only apologies came from the doctor spoken to on the day of the incident and the employee responsible for the botched treatment.

Corrective treatments

Am has spent over 32,000 baht on corrective treatments to date, with the clinic yet to reimburse any costs. She has also been asked to provide numerous documents to support her claim. The incident has severely affected her work and personal life, causing her to cancel a much-anticipated diving trip due to the risk of sun exposure causing further damage to her skin.

Am is hopeful of a swift resolution so she can return to work. However, should the clinic continue to drag out the process, she is prepared to seek legal action. She has also taken it upon herself to warn others about the potential risks of beauty treatments, urging people to ensure their procedures are performed by a certified doctor.

In a recent update, Am revealed that her condition has improved significantly, thanks to treatments at a different clinic. However, she is still dealing with pigmentation issues and has to avoid all forms of light. She is expected to return to work next month, reported Sanook.

Am said the process has been a heavy burden.

“I am under considerable stress. I have even considered seeking psychiatric help. I hope this serves as a warning for everyone. Choose your clinic wisely, and ensure a doctor is treating you, so no one else has to go through this.”

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