Thai woman crashes pickup into traffic cop in Lop Buri

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A 26 year old Thai woman crashed her pickup into a traffic police officer on Highway No. 21 in the central province of Lop Buri on April 16, causing serious injuries to the officer.

The accident occurred at Ban Deelang Intersection on Highway No. 21, also known as Saraburi-Lomsak Road, in the Pattana Nikhom district of Lop Buri province. A traffic police officer from the Highway Police, 39 year old Piyanan Siseu, sustained severe injuries.

Due to heavy traffic congestion during the Songkran festival holiday, a helicopter was sent to the scene to transport Piyanan to the Police General Hospital in Bangkok.

However, the helicopter had to make an emergency landing shortly after takeoff because Piyanan’s condition deteriorated due to the change in air pressure. His pulse dropped significantly, and his blood pressure became unstable during the flight.

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An emergency vehicle from Pattana Nikhom Hospital transported Piyanan, but the hospital lacked the necessary equipment to treat him. Consequently, Piyanan was transferred to King Narai Hospital, which was 40 kilometres away.

Medical workers reported that Piyanan had lost a significant amount of blood and suffered brain swelling. He underwent emergency surgery on the day of the incident, prompting the hospital to issue a call for blood donations to support his treatment.

Thai PBS reported today, April 18, that Piyanan’s condition has improved, although he remains unconscious. He was transferred to the Police General Hospital in Bangkok at 10 am today for further treatment.

The driver of the pickup truck, a 26 year old Thai woman whose identity was not disclosed, claimed to police and the media that the police had closed traffic lanes upon her arrival at the scene, leading to her collision with Piyanan, who was on duty at the spot.

According to Thai PBS, as reported, some of the traffic lanes were closed, with signage notifying motorists 1 kilometre before the closure. The driver was taken to Pattana Nikhom Police Station for further questioning.

Police suspect she was driving at high speed and may not have been familiar with the route. She was initially charged with reckless driving, and the legal consequences will depend on the assessment of the severity by the traffic police officer.

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