Trang couple’s 70-year love story ends in joint funeral

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A touching tale of enduring love comes to light as a couple from Trang Province, Thailand, passed away just two days apart after sharing seven decades of life together. The couple’s grand funeral rites, a testament to their inseparable bond, were held yesterday, with generations of family and friends in attendance to bid them farewell.

Ninety-two-year old Kleuon Kaewklang, and his 88 year old wife Hieang Kaewklang, died of natural causes related to old age, on March 3 and March 5, respectively. The two had been together for 70 years, rarely spending time apart.

Their commitment to each other was so strong that even in death, they could not be separated for long. The family decided to hold a joint funeral for the couple on March 13 at Wat Sratthathammaram, also known as Wat Na To Ming, a place likely filled with memories of their shared life.

The couple’s life story is nothing short of inspiring. They raised ten children together, with their offspring choosing various paths in life, including government service and private business. The community knew them for being inseparable since their youth, having worked hard together managing their garden and overcoming life’s challenges side by side. Even when one was unwell, the other was always there, providing unwavering care and support.

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Wanchanok Kreua-Tiew, the couple’s 31 year old granddaughter, fondly recounted how her grandparents’ love story was one for the ages. Even in their later years, Kleuon would secretly take Hieang on car trips to the seaside or other attractions, despite not being as able to drive as before. This adventurous spirit was part of their charm, and it left a lasting impression on their family.

In his final months, Kleuon suffered a fall, resulting in a hip fracture that left him bedridden and eventually led him to hospital care. Hieang, remarkably healthy for her age, was not informed of her husband’s passing, as the family planned to keep his body until she could say goodbye. However, she passed away unexpectedly in the hospital, never knowing that her life companion had already gone.

Decorated coffins

The family’s decision to conduct a joint funeral service was rooted in the couple’s profound love for each other. The funeral arrangements included beautifully decorated coffins placed side by side, adorned with traditional fabrics.

After the Buddhist ceremony and cremation, these fabrics were distributed to the attendees, leaving them with a piece of the couple’s legacy, reported KhaoSod.

Wanchanok reflected on the example her grandparents provided, emphasising their virtues of good conduct, morality, and love. They taught their descendants the value of hard work, perseverance, and the depth of eternal love.

Their cheerful disposition, kindness, and respect within the community were also highlighted as defining traits that will be deeply missed.

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