Buddha statue and celebrity tips stir lottery frenzy ahead of March 16 draw

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Lottery enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the draw on March 16, as a host of lucky numbers have been highlighted from various sources, including ancient Buddha statues, famous country singers, Chinese calendars, and even the license plate of a high-profile politician’s car.

The anticipation for the Saturday, March 16 lottery draw is palpable, with the buzz around lucky numbers reaching a crescendo. In a curious blend of spirituality and superstition, an ancient Buddha statue, abandoned by thieves at the roadside, has come under the spotlight.

The intricately adorned statue from Wat Pratu Sarn’s Pang Ham Yat posture has numbers inscribed on its robe, with 81 being singled out as a number of fortune.

Not to be outdone by ancient artefacts, Monsit Kumsoi, a renowned country music artist, has shared his pick of auspicious numbers, sparking lively discussions among his followers. Predictions are rife, with combinations like 88, 89, 08, 98, 89, 58, 82/28, and even 898-889 making the rounds as potential winners.

Adding to the mix, a TikTok user with the account nid8857, affiliated with Pathumrat Rajabhat University’s Solar Cell Technology, revealed four sets of numbers from Chinese calendars that could bring luck: 973, 69243, 369, and 429.

Meanwhile, the traditional ceremony at Father Ta Khao Ngum has drawn lottery hopefuls looking for divine intervention. The ceremony’s firecrackers revealed the numbers 853, 628, and 15, which attendees hope will translate into lottery success.

In a surprising twist, the license plate of a vehicle used by General Pravit Wongsuwan, leader of the Palang Pracharath Party, captured the imagination of number seekers. The white Toyota Alphard, with the plate number กม 8888 from Khon Kaen, was spotted during the official’s school visit, and the number 8888 is now in the spotlight as a potential lucky pick.

As the heat intensifies, locals in the community are turning to the traditional procession at the Prasat Chang Pee Kee Koraphum festival, with the numbers 032, 132, 109, 67, 32, and 09 being eyed as potential winners.

Furthermore, an opening fortune ceremony at Wat Pratu Daw saw participants lighting incense sticks in the hope of revealing auspicious numbers. The result was the number 640, now another hot contender for the lottery draw, reported Sanook.

Celebrity Hay Apaporn is also in on the action, having participated in a Naga worship ceremony where she lit incense sticks that revealed the number 305, adding to the pool of lucky numbers.

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