Pre-wedding shoot at Khao Yai ignites backlash for breaking rules

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A pre-wedding photoshoot at Khao Yai National Park sparked widespread criticism after a couple and their photographer ignored warning signs and ventured into a restricted area. The incident occurred near the Nong Pak Chi Wildlife Watching Tower.

Photographers and tourists, primarily Thai individuals aged between 20 and 35, were drawn to the blooming white grass fields, which provided a picturesque backdrop for their photos. However, several visitors trespassed into a prohibited salt lick zone marked by signs warning, designated for wildlife to obtain essential minerals.

Facebook page This is Khao Yai posted images and messages condemning the actions of those who disregarded the warnings and trespassed. The page administrator emphasised the importance of obeying park regulations to protect both the visitors and the wildlife.

“What is this? [are] the signs too small? [we] made the signs bigger and clearer, but how should I explain? This area is a mineral lick. It’s better to walk to the Nong Pak Chi Wildlife Watching Tower nearby, it’s beautiful too, and there won’t be any [issues].”

The administrator continued, stressing that any warning signs should be strictly followed by any visitors.

“There are warning signs everywhere. No matter the reason for the prohibition, if there is a sign saying ‘do not enter,’ it should be respected. The brown soil in the lick area and the surrounding grasslands are meant for wildlife. Even the scent of humans, perfumes, and lotions can deter animals from coming to the lick, which provides them with vital nutrients like calcium.”

Visitor negligence

Further criticism arose from the fact that this intrusion could endanger both the visitors and the animals. Predatory animals and venomous snakes, like the king cobra, are present in the area, posing significant risks.

The post also noted that if any accidents occurred, the park officials would likely be blamed despite the visitors’ negligence.

The lush white grass fields at Khao Yai National Park are a rare and beautiful sight, attracting many visitors and photographers. However, respecting the park’s rules and maintaining a safe distance from wildlife is crucial.

The park’s management has put measures in place to protect both the visitors and the animals, and these rules should be strictly followed. Khao Yai Tourism Association President, Panachna Watthanasehtian, urged tourists to adhere to all safety guidelines and warnings.

“All the recommendations and prohibitions are for the safety of both the tourists and the wildlife in the park.

“Therefore, everyone should follow the rules to prevent any negative impact on nature and the ecosystem. It’s essential to cultivate a sense of responsibility and share the beauty of nature sustainably with other visitors.”

The incident, which was recorded on June 15, has led to calls for stricter adherence to park regulations. The public and park officials alike are concerned that such behaviour could damage the delicate ecosystem and disrupt the natural activities of the wildlife, reported KhaoSod.

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