Tourism boost: Bangkok Airways’ SAMUI SAVOR campaign

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Bangkok Airways joined BDMS in the SAMUI SAVOR campaign to stimulate local food tourism. The airline is offering a discount at 42 leading restaurants on Koh Samui with a single boarding pass. There is also a chance to win prizes for flights, with 20 available in Thailand.

Ploenphit Kosonyuthasan, Director of Tourism and Alliance Marketing Promotion, Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited, revealed that the SAMUI SAVOR, Beyond Boarding Pass, and Beyond Healthy Through Taste project belongs to the airline.

Bangkok Airways wants to promote and stimulate food and health tourism on Koh Samui (Gastronomy and Wellness Tourism), including supporting and promoting local restaurants, communities, entrepreneurs, and fine dining restaurants including those guaranteed by the Michelin Guide.

The highlight of this project is that Thai or foreign tourists holding a single Bangkok Airways boarding pass will be able to experience food tourism through Thai food culture. Tourists may choose to use their Bangkok Airways boarding pass to enjoy a discount on signature menus at 42 leading restaurants on Koh Samui.

The restaurants participating in the SAMUI SAVOR project cover fine dining restaurants, cafes, local and street food restaurants, restaurants that offer a memorable dining experience, health food restaurants and Farm to Table.

Thai and foreign tourists have the chance to win free domestic flight tickets with Bangkok Airways with 2 seats per prize from May 20 to September 30. After enjoying Thai food at participating restaurants, a coupon to win the prize will be issued and the names of the lucky winners will be announced via the SAMUI SAVOR Facebook page on October 15, reported Forbes Thailand.

Jiaranai Bunprasatsuk, Marketing Director Bangkok Hospital Group 1, BDMS Group, stated that currently, health tourism has become more popular among both Thai and foreign tourists, especially in Koh Samui.

“We have collaborated with Celeste Samui Hotel to create various health programmes, such as vitamin drips made from various dietary supplements and products. There are plans to make it more integrated. In addition to enjoying their travels, tourists can also boost their health at the same time.”

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