TikTok user spends 13 hours locked in bathroom (video)

Photo: by solen feyissa, on unsplash

A TikTok user, known as tncybss, was trapped in a bathroom for a staggering 13 hours, from 4pm until 11am the following day. Despite attempts to follow YouTube tutorials to free herself by removing the doorknob, she was unable to unlock the door and eventually had to resort to breaking through it.

The incident started at 4pm when the user found herself locked in the bathroom. She tried to mimic YouTube videos by removing the doorknob and attempting to unscrew a nut but was unsuccessful. Her father, who was outside, passed her a steel ruler to help. Despite removing the knob, she was still unable to unlock the door.

By morning, she began drilling into the door but without success. She then used a saw to cut around the lock, finally managing to open the door, reported Sanook.

The post generated a significant number of comments from curious netizens, questioning why she didn’t call for help and how she managed to get the tools inside the bathroom.

She explained that her parents were outside and passed the tools to her, and she didn’t use the drill earlier out of consideration for her neighbours due to the noise.

Some social media users expressed sympathy for the young cat outside who was offering moral support through the door knob hole while the TikTok user was locked in the bathroom. The poster agreed, saying the cat was indeed a great source of comfort during the ordeal.

@tncybss ประสบการณ์ติดห้องน้ำ นอนในนั้นคืนนึง😭 #fyp #ติดห้องน้ํา ♬ Paint The Town Red – Doja Cat

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