The Brahma statue thief who wants to paint the world blue

Photo via Nu-sajee Kornrawee

A thief with mental health problems stole a Brahma statue from a shrine at a school, in the Cha-am district of Phetchaburi province in the west of Thailand, painted it blue, before returning it to where he stole it from. Why? His favourite colour is blue.

A teacher, Nu-sajee Kornrawee, posted CCTV footage and pictures of a thief on Facebook on Friday, October 14, asking for help to catch the statue thief.

The caption said…

“Emergency! Someone stole the Brahma statue from the Banchaam Municipality School. The incident happened at 2.40pm on October 14. The man wore a blue hat, a jacket, and long pants. He rode a blue motorcycle into the school, grabbed the statue, and escaped. He might sell it somewhere, or take the statue to practice some Black Magic. Please share this post and help us find it.”

One eagle-eyed netizen managed to discover the thief’s motorcycle was blue, but it did not come from the factory in that colour. The netizen recognised it had been painted dark blue, including the registration plate and lights.

Nu-sajee updated the missing statue story later. He said…

“Found it. So confused. The man in the video who stole the statue returned it on his motorcycle in a new colour. The man said, ‘Here, take it back. I found the colour wasn’t beautiful and changed it,’ and then he rode away.”

Nu-sajee added the family of the thief got in touch and told him that they urged him to return the statue, adding he has mental health problems. The family said he is obsessed with the colour blue, had painted his house blue, and wants to paint everything blue.

The story made a number of netizens smile. Some said that the Brahma statue in blue looks unbelievably beautiful and unique.

Thailand has hit the headlines recently over a spate of strange thefts, from the serial Mr Underpants thief, a TikToker thief, an unsuccessful thief who broke his jaw, and now a thief who wants to turn the world blue.

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