Thailand revenue dept rectifies glitch in My Tax Account system

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A glitch in the My Tax Account system of Thailand’s Revenue Department has been promptly rectified, with department authorities confirming that the issue was not triggered by a security violation. This affirmation comes after several taxpayers discovered the addition of two unexplained income entries on the My Tax Account online platform, a part of the Revenue Department’s e-tax filing system.

Worried taxpayers, having identified the unexpected income sources that they had not received, took their concerns to the Drama-addict Facebook page. The page’s administrator requested further information and attached a post with photos displaying the confusing details.

The images showed an entry recording an income of 9,000 baht (US$251) with a 900 baht (US$25) withholding tax, credited from the Office of National Broadcasting and Telecommunications, and a second entry detailing a 10,000 baht (US$280) income with 300 baht (US$8) of withholding tax, credited from Infofed, a private entity.

After receiving enquiries regarding the matter, Infofed clarified that it could not find any records of the aforementioned transactions. The company pledged to cooperate with the Revenue Department to investigate the issue further, reported Bangkok Post.

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In response, the Revenue Department expressed apologies for the confusion caused by the unexpected income entries. They clarified that the entries were a product of a glitch that occurred during system maintenance on February 16 evening. The department further affirmed that the issue has now been resolved and the e-tax system is now functioning as expected.

Vinit Visessuvanapoom, the deputy director-general of the department, assured taxpayers that the income information displayed was not reflective of actual transactions but was part of a system test. He firmly stated that the issue was not a result of a security breach.

“It is an error on the side of the department. It has nothing to do with the two agencies at all.”

In light of these events, the Office of NBTC issued a warning yesterday, February 17, urging people to verify their tax information before submission. They further cautioned taxpayers not to fall prey to fraudsters who might exploit the situation to con them out of their money.

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