Thailand’s NSTDA building AI ecosystem for ethical standardisation

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The artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem is under construction by Thailand‘s National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA).

The move is part of an effort to establish ethical and standardisation measures to prevent AI misuse, as confirmed by the agency’s director, Chukit Limpijamnong.

The NSTDA has been working on setting up the ecosystem, recognising AI’s role in bolstering economic and social development. Despite its benefits, governing rules are crucial to ensure that AI technology is not exploited improperly. In this regard, the NSTDA and its digital associates are in talks regarding the creation of regulations for AI ethics and standards.

“AI technology for medicine, for example, can help diagnose patients suffering from lung cancer with 90% accuracy.”

Chukit stressed the importance of starting with medical AI for setting up ethical regulations and standards due to the sensitivity surrounding medical treatments. It’s crucial to ensure that any diagnosis made using AI is both accurate and safe.

The agency director further highlighted that the NSTDA would welcome investments in the development of a chatbot programme to enhance its ability to comprehend Thai. This indicates the agency’s commitment to fostering AI technology that is inclusive and tailored to local needs.

Meanwhile, the National Electronics and Computer Technology Centre (NECTEC) is planning to initiate an AI-based project designed to detect illegal online accounts linked to scammer networks. As per Chai Wuttiwiwatchai, the executive director of NECTEC, the project could potentially reduce the quantity of illegal accounts in the country by 30%. This endeavour reflects the agency’s application of AI in counteracting cybercrime, thus ensuring a safer digital environment, reported Bangkok Post.

In the same vein, the NSTDA plans to promote technology research and development in agriculture, highlighting the broad spectrum of sectors where AI technology can be utilised effectively. This underlines the agency’s vision of incorporating AI in a variety of fields, driving not only economic growth but also societal progress.

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