Thailand’s Interior Ministry rolls out digital ID app in drive towards Thailand 4.0

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In an effort to digitise various government-provided services and increase their accessibility, Thailand’s Interior Ministry officially rolled out a novel mobile application as part of its digital ID programme on Friday. The launch event was graced by none other than caretaker Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha, who wholeheartedly endorsed the newly unveiled ‘ThaID’ mobile application.

Prayut outlined the primary motive behind introducing this innovative app – to streamline the way citizens utilise an array of state services. He went on to elucidate that this advancement is a seminal part of the ambitious Thailand 4.0 strategy. The successful creation and introduction of ‘ThaID’ marks a significant stepping stone in the government’s campaign to enrich the country’s digital ecosystem.

Prayut put forth his earnest aspiration that the digital ID system would soon be widely adopted by various state and private agencies to enhance the efficiency of their respective services. He used the platform to encourage media channels to aggrandise its use amongst the public.

Interior Minister Anupong Paojinda shed some light on the chronology of the digital ID programme’s development. It was initiated in October 2020 within the national digital framework and acquired substantial funding in 2022 for the implementation phase, Bangkok Post reported.

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Since May 22, when it was first revealed to the citizens, over 3.5 million people have joined and started utilising the application. Presently, it is being endorsed by 50 state agencies and 24 private agencies.

Explaining further about the digital ID programme, Anupong conveyed that it was designed around a database comprising detailed information of 66 million individuals, which included visual identification points like photos and biometric data exemplified by fingerprints.

The programme utilises a face verification service (FVS) system, simplifying the registration process and offering an online identity verification method. This feature obviates the need for individuals to physically visit service locations or departments.

The Minister added that the digital ID programme would significantly diminish the dependence on paper, thereby reducing fraudulent documents within the system.

The registration process for ‘ThaID’ involves using one’s actual ID card, clicking a selfie, and generating an eight-digit pin — a straightforward process designed keeping user convenience in mind. Once successfully registered, users can conveniently access numerous services delivered by the Interior Ministry from the comfort of their homes.

The digital ID initiative’s progress will undoubtedly be of substantial interest to both local citizens and various agencies alike. The programme’s success goes on to further proves Thailand’s commitment towards an enhanced digital future.

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