Thailand vows zero dropout rate as education overhaul unveiled

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Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin declared his government’s determined mission to tackle Thailand’s education inequality crisis. The premier revealed his commitment to eradicating the denial of educational opportunities for Thai children entirely.

PM Srettha disclosed that one of his first actions upon assuming office last year was to direct key government agencies, including the Fund for Education Equality, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, and the Ministry of Interior, to pool their resources in establishing Thailand’s inaugural comprehensive database focused on school dropouts.

“I have tirelessly championed the cause of reducing educational inequality even before assuming the role of prime minister.”

Scheduled for unveiling on Thailand’s Children’s Day this Saturday, January 13, the prime minister promised the public a cascade of positive news.

“This will mark a crucial stride towards Thailand achieving the goal of zero dropout.”

The Education Ministry’s distressing report from 2022 highlighted that over 100,000 students abandoned the school system, citing factors such as poverty, drug-related issues, and teenage pregnancy. Additionally, the ministry identified a growing trend among the youth, who, disillusioned with the conventional education system, opt for online learning platforms they believe better prepare them for future needs, reported Thai PBS World.

The Bangkok-born PM’s forthcoming plan aims to revolutionise the educational landscape, offering hope and concrete steps towards a Thailand where no child is denied the opportunity to learn. As the nation eagerly awaits Saturday’s revelation, the question on everyone’s mind is whether this bold initiative will indeed usher in an era of zero dropouts and reshape the educational future of Thai youth.

In related news, the 61 year old Thai PM delivered a message ahead of Teacher’s Day, highlighting the importance of teachers as leaders of knowledge, who bring together teachings from textbooks and experiences. He emphasised that teachers are not merely instructors, but creators and givers.

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