Thailand ranks 72 in Democracy Index 2021

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The Economist Intelligence Unit has officially deemed Thailand a “flawed democracy” out of four categories: full democracies, flawed democracies, hybrid regimes, and authoritarian regimes. It ranked Thailand 72 out of 167 countries in its “Democracy Index 2021,” which ranks countries for how democratic they are. The EIU says democracy has declined across the globe since 2020. That year, 49.4% of people in the world lived in some sort of democracy. Today, 45.7% do.

The world’s top five democracies are Norway, New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, and Iceland. Thailand ranks below Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore on the index. The EIU said the worst year for democracy it ever recorded was 2010. The EIU first created the index in 2006. The groups says right now, only 6.4% of people live in a “full democracy.”

In the democracy index, Thailand is in the same place it was in 2020. In another ranking, Thailand scored as more corrupt in 2021 than it was in 2020. On a corruption ranking by Transparency International, Thailand dropped from 104 to 110 out of 180 countries. Countries ranked first place were least corrupt, while countries ranked in 180th place were most corrupt. It scored 35 on a scale of zero to 100, with zero being highly corrupt, and 100 being the least corrupt.

Source: Bangkok Post

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