3D scanning tech utilised by Thailand’s FAD to monitor Wat Arun tilt

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Thailand’s Fine Arts Department (FAD) is set to employ 3D scanning technology in monitoring the tilt of Wat Arun’s main stupa, an important heritage site located in Bangkok’s Yai district. FAD director general Phanombut Chantharachot revealed that a recent survey discovered a slight tilt at the wat’s main structure’s top along the Chao Phraya River.

Furthermore, minor subsidence has caused four smaller stupas and an additional four mondop (shrine-like structures with spired roofs) to lean slightly towards the main stupa. Despite the tilt, Phanombut Chantharachot reassured that the foundation structure of the main stupa is strong, with the tilt only affecting the top part.

These findings were part of FAD’s ongoing project to record heritage sites’ structures using digital technology. The FAD intends to perform 3D scanning checks on the main stupa every three months to monitor whether there is an increase in tilt. If the tilt remains constant, they will record the data every six months, eventually conducting checks annually.

Phanombut also mentioned that the gathered data would play a crucial role in planning the necessary repairs for the temple, which dates back to the Ayutthaya period. In light of these findings, the temple’s secretary-general, Phra Kru Suwatthana Rattanakun, stated that high parts of the main pagoda have been closed to public access for safety reasons, restricting visitors to the second terrace only reported Bangkok Post.

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