Thailand assesses boy’s mental health over telepathy abilities

Image courtesy of Nong Nice's Social Media Page

Thailand’s authorities are taking legal action to assess the mental health of an eight year old boy known as Nong Nice who is claimed by his parents to have telepathic abilities and a connection with Buddhist deities.

The Social Development and Human Security Ministry, led by Minister Varawut Silpa-archa, is now seeking a court warrant to evaluate the child after repeated refusals from the family to allow a house visit by officials.

Concerns have been raised over the boy’s well-being, as his parents assert that he is a reincarnation of a son of Lord Buddha and has inherited mystical powers akin to those of a naga, a mythical serpent revered in Thai Buddhist culture.

Varawut has instructed the ministry’s Surat Thani provincial office to dispatch a team, including therapists, to investigate the boy’s mental condition and family environment. The persistent denial of access by the parents has led authorities to approach the Juvenile and Family Court for authorisation to conduct a mental assessment on Nong Nice.

“The ministry and the Department of Children and Youth have the full legal responsibility to protect children’s rights and welfare,” said Varawut, emphasising the focus on the child’s upbringing, family background, and education to determine if he has been receiving adequate care under Thai law.

The ministry’s remarks came after a legal complaint was filed with the Central Investigation Bureau against Nong Nice and eight other individuals who manage his mind connection office and website on Monday which violates the Computer Act, Donation Soliciting Act and Child Welfare Protection Act.

The complaint originates from several high-profile social critics, including Khun Ton Or, founder of the Be One Foundation.

Prime Minister’s Office Minister Pichit Cheunban, as the overseer of the National Office of Buddhism (NOB), has directed the office to address any public confusion over false Buddhist teachings possibly propagated by the boy.

Despite some delays, the NOB is taking steps to investigate the matter, although the boy is not a monk and therefore does not fall directly under its jurisdiction, reported Bangkok Post.

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