Thai woman’s fingers and toes amputated during hospital visit for diarrhoea sparks outrage

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A Thai woman and her husband filed a complaint against a hospital in Chon Buri after a doctor amputated the woman’s fingers and toes during her visit to the hospital for severe diarrhoea. This incident, which took place on April 12, has sparked controversy and speculation, with some netizens suggesting that the amputation was performed to save her life.

The husband, Chai, shared his wife’s harrowing experience with Channel 3 on June 26. According to Chai, his 30 year old wife began experiencing severe diarrhoea, leading the 42 year old to rush her to a local hospital. However, due to her critically low blood pressure, she was immediately admitted to the emergency room.

Upon arrival, the doctor informed Chai that his wife was suffering from kidney failure and required dialysis. To proceed with the necessary procedures, Chai was presented with a consent form requesting permission for a carotid duplex ultrasound. Trusting in the doctor’s expertise, Chai signed the document, despite his wife’s expressed concerns about undergoing surgery.

However, to Chai’s astonishment, he later discovered that the surgery performed on his wife was an appendectomy, a procedure unrelated to her initial condition. Throughout her hospital stay from April 12 to 20, Chai noted that his wife did not see or interact with any doctors, as it was the Songkran holiday period, during which most doctors were unavailable.

As time went on, Chai noticed a worrying change in his wife’s condition. Her fingers and toes turned dark, appearing lifeless. Additionally, she seemed disconnected and unresponsive during conversations. It wasn’t until April 24 that the doctor questioned Chai and his wife about any prior infections. It was then revealed that she had developed sepsis, a serious blood infection, leading to reduced oxygen levels and the subsequent darkening of her extremities.

In a drastic measure to save her life, doctors had no choice but to amputate the affected fingers and toes. As a result, she lost several fingers on her left hand, her entire right hand, and all of her toes. She was discharged from the hospital on April 26.

The couple expressed their bewilderment, questioning why severe diarrhoea could result in such extreme measures. Chai asserted that his wife had always been in good health, undergoing annual check-ups without any significant concerns. They found it difficult to comprehend how diarrhoea alone could lead to such devastating consequences.

In response, some netizens shared their own experiences with severe diarrhoea and acknowledged the potential for amputation in critical cases. Some even suggested that the woman was fortunate to have her life saved, albeit with disabilities.

Addressing the issue, one doctor took to social media to shed light on the situation, stating…

“I suspect that the woman may have experienced hypovolemic shock, which caused a decrease in her blood pressure. To prevent her from dying, the doctor administered Levophed, a medication used to raise blood pressure. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of this medication is compromised blood circulation to the fingers and toes. However, it was a necessary course of action given the circumstances.”

Channel 3 contacted the hospital to hear their perspective on the matter. The hospital acknowledged the seriousness of the situation and expressed its intention to hold a meeting soon to address the concerns raised.


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