Thai woman targeted by ex’s crew at Pattaya pub

Photo courtesy of Pattaya Mail

A 34 year old Thai woman recounted a horrifying assault outside a Pattaya pub, leaving her battered and bruised.

Apasara Sritampawa, speaking to reporters, detailed the horrifying ordeal she endured at the hands of a group of tomboys and boys in the early hours of March 16.

She shared how a seemingly innocent night turned into a nightmare, with her past relationship haunting her in the most violent of ways.

Apasara has lodged a complaint with the Pattaya police following the vicious attack. Recounting her ordeal to reporters, she described the assault unfolding in front of Area 39 on Pattaya 3rd Road around 4.30am.

The altercation, she explained, was a grim consequence of the woman’s previous relationship with one of the assailants, which ended due to infidelity. Seated at a nearby table that fateful night, Apasara found herself suddenly targeted by unprovoked aggression from the group.

Standing outside the pub engaged in a phone call after closing time, the Thai woman became the focus of the assailants’ ire, enduring hair-pulling and physical assaults. Shockingly, even pub staff joined in, mercilessly kicking her while she lay defenceless on the ground.

Apasara revealed that the attack was triggered by her ex-partner’s habit of dredging up past issues, culminating in this unexpected and violent encounter. She suffered injuries to her face, neck, abdomen, and knees as a result, reported Pattaya Mail.

Formally lodging a complaint with the investigating officers at Pattaya Police Station, Apasara was scheduled for further questioning yesterday as she seeks justice for the terrifying ordeal she endured.

In related news, a 55 year old man was physically assaulted by a group of teenagers in Nakhon Ratchasima, sparking outrage from his daughter who demanded justice and called for witnesses. The incident occurred last Wednesday, March 13 at approximately 3.30am, during the final night of the Thao Suranari victory celebration in the Korat region.

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