Man physically assaulted by teens after Korat festival

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A 55 year old man was physically assaulted by a group of teenagers in Nakhon Ratchasima, sparking outrage from his daughter who demanded justice and called for witnesses.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, March 13 at approximately 3.30am, during the final night of the Thao Suranari victory celebration in the Korat region.

The man fell victim to a brutal attack by a group of teenagers while he was on his way home from the local festival in Korat. The victim, a construction worker originally from Phetchabun Province, had stopped his vehicle to pick up some items that had fallen onto the road, inadvertently cutting off a motorcyclist. This seemingly minor traffic mishap quickly escalated into a violent confrontation as the group of teenagers physically assaulted the man, inflicting multiple injuries.

The daughter of the injured man, who posted a clip of the incident on Facebook, expressed her fury and questioned why the attackers did not confront her father one on one. Her post, which called for identifying the assailants, received widespread attention online, with netizens sharing the video and expressing their opinions on the incident.

The local police, led by Police Colonel Nopadol Chuayboon, took swift action following the report. Representatives from the group of teenagers reached out on Thursday, indicating that some of them intended to surrender. However, it was noted that only a few individuals from the larger group were directly involved in the assault.

Pol. Col. Nopadol clarified that the altercation occurred after the festival had concluded and that the conflict arose from a verbal dispute that turned physical. Fortunately, the injuries sustained by the victim were not severe, and he was able to return home after receiving medical attention at Ratchasima Hospital, reported KhaoSod.

Authorities are verifying the backgrounds of the suspects, including whether they are minors or have a criminal history, before proceeding with detailed questioning and charging them with assault. Evidence from CCTV footage and other sources will be used to build the case.

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