200,000 baht debt dispute culminates in marketplace shooting in Thailand

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An argument over a debt ended in a man being shot, rocking the bustling Thung Sri Mueang evening market in Kalasin, Thailand. A restaurateur was shot in the busy marketplace by a 63 year old man, Wanna, following a dispute arising from the latter’s loan.

Just before the shooting at 5.40pm, the victim, 51 year old Sa-ad, who runs a grilled pork neck shop, was having a regular day at work at the local market. Suddenly, Wanna, who is recognised as a regular customer, crossed over to Sa-ad’s shop, demanding repayment of a loan exceeding 200,000 baht. The following confrontation escalated to the point where Wanna pulled out a .32 calibre handgun, shooting Sa-ad in the right cheek, leaving him critically injured.

Emergency services rushed to the marketplace shooting scene following the incident. They tried to resuscitate Sa-ad at the location before transporting him to the hospital.

Wanna, after committing the horrifying marketplace shooting, turned himself into the police. He brought the weapon used in the crime, the .32 calibre handgun. Charges against him include attempted murder and violation of firearm regulations, reported KhaoSod.

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Wanna’s wife, who owns a food stand opposite the victim, expressed her shock, stating she had no inkling of her husband owning a gun.

“I saw my husband serving meals to his customers. He was packing food into bags. Then I heard a gunshot from across the corner. Following that, my husband ran across the road and got on his motorcycle.”

Wanna allegedly expressed several emotional outbreaks earlier declaring his desire to kill but never specified a target. His actions are speculated to have been caused by his agony over the debt Sa-ad owes him. The loan had an interest rate of only 5%. With no money to bail her husband from his legal issues, his wife has left it to the courts.

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