Thai woman claiming Steven Gerrard her father, arrested

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Police arrested a drug-addicted Thai woman for causing disturbances and scaring away customers at a petrol station in the Isaan province of Udon Thani today, April 11. She previously gained attention on Thai social media last year for falsely claiming to be the daughter of Steven Gerrard.

Mueang Udon Thani Police Station officers were notified of the ensuing chaos at a PTT petrol station on Prachak Sinlapakhom Road at around 9.50am today and investigated the scene. They discovered the Thai woman, identified as 39 year old Jantima, inside the women’s bathroom.

She was dressed in a Liverpool shirt and black shorts, muttering to herself while insisting that the police keep their distance. Jantima claimed to the police that she had come to the petrol station to study chemistry.

The petrol station attendant, 23 year old Wissanu Khan-apha, informed Channel 7 that Jantima regularly came to the petrol station. She would often cause a commotion in front of the convenience store and dance on the sink in the women’s bathroom.

Wissanu suspected Jantima of using drugs and suffering from a mental illness. He wanted police to arrest Jantima, fearing she might harm the station or customers.

The police also suspected Jantima of drug use and questioned her but she did not respond directly. Instead, she asked the officers how many methamphetamine tablets, also known as Yaba, they could buy for her.

Following the arrest, Jantima was taken to the police station for drug testing and a mental health evaluation. The police also planned to investigate whether she lived alone or with family members.

According to Matichon, Jantima had a known history of drug abuse and had previously stirred trouble in August of last year. During that incident, she attempted suicide while under the influence of Yaba by setting fire to her rented room using a curtain and some paper.

The room’s owner contacted the police and was able to intervene before the situation escalated. However, what drew widespread attention to her story was her assertion, when questioned by the police about her family, that the former Liverpool and England captain Steven Gerrard was her father.

Thai woman claiming Steven Gerrard her father, arrested | News by Thaiger
Photo via DailyNews

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