Thai woman calls justice after Thai man attacks her Belgian husband

Photo via Channel 7

A Thai woman urged non-profit organisation Saimai Survive to follow up on a legal action against a Thai man who attacked her Belgian husband on a road in Thailand.

The woman gave Channel 7 a video of her 70 year old Belgian husband, Danny, being attacked on the road. The video showed Danny in an orange shirt arguing with a Thai man in a white shirt. Danny was heard saying…

“You are wrong!”

The Thai woman tried to intervene, telling her husband to calm down and asking the Thai man who approached her husband and attempted to attack.

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The Thai man kept saying to Danny’s wife…

“He’s insulting me! Do you see? Do you see he insulted me?”

The Thai man then approached Danny and punched him repeatedly until he fell to the ground. The Thai man did not stop there and kicked the foreigner multiple times.

Danny later got up with blood coming from his nose. The wife disclosed to Channel 7 that her husband suffered a broken nose during the altercation.

The woman then clarified the incident to reporters, revealing that the physical assault was due to a misunderstanding between the two parties. On October 26, her nephew was riding a bicycle in the street when he left the bike and ran back home in fear of a stray dog.

The Thai man in the video drove his pickup truck into the left-behind bicycle and became angry. He rushed out of his car to seek responsibility from the bicycle’s owner. He shouted to find the owner of the bike.

According to the woman, her foreign husband went out to check on the incident and found the damaged bicycle. Believing that his nephew had been struck by the pickup, Danny exclaimed, “F*ck!” This exclamation was misconstrued by the Thai man as a complaint directed towards him, igniting the exchange that unfolded in the video.

The woman said she had filed a complaint against the Thai man for physically assaulting her husband, but revealed there had been no update from the police. She wants the Saimai Survive to help seek justice for her husband. The woman did not reveal where the incident took place or where she filed the complaint.

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