Thai wife injured by fruit knife during heated argument with British husband

Photo courtesy of Pattaya Mail

A Thai woman was found with a serious hand injury sustained from a fruit knife in a condominium on Soi Wat Boonkanjanaram, near Jomtien Beach, Pattaya.

Pattaya police and a rapid response unit responded to a distress call at 3am yesterday, January 30, stumbling upon a gruesome scene on the seventh floor: a 27 year old woman, identified as C, had her right hand mutilated, and the room was stained with the aftermath of profuse bleeding.

The stabbing victim recounted a heated argument with her British husband, which took a terrifying turn when a fruit-peeling knife, measuring around 15 centimetres, became the epicentre of their dispute. In a desperate attempt to reclaim the sharp tool, the situation escalated, ultimately resulting in her husband wresting control of the blade. C, overwhelmed by her emotions, made a second attempt to retrieve the knife, inadvertently injuring her hand in the process, reported Pattaya Mail.

Pattaya City Police Station promptly launched a preliminary investigation into the incident, with both the wounded C and her British husband slated for further interrogation.

In related news, police are searching for a killer who fatally attacked a Thai woman with a knife in the northern province of Sukhothai. The motive for the murder is suspected to be a secret affair and jealousy.

Officers from the Ban Dan Lan Hoi Police Station dashed to the crime scene at 9.30am on Sunday, January 28, and discovered the dead body of a 40 year old Thai woman at a plantation in the Taling Chan sub-district, Ban Dan Lan Hoi district, in the Sukhothai province.

In other news, in a swift response to a brutal attack by a gang of youths in Pathum Thani, local police are intensifying their efforts to apprehend the remaining suspects. The incident involved a group of eight to nine teenagers forcing a young man to stop his motorcycle and subsequently attacking him with a knife, causing severe injuries.

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