Man Fighting Shark sculpture to come to Hua Hin

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In a meeting at the Chomsin Room of the Hua Hin Municipality Office on Monday, municipal authorities including Deputy Mayor Busaba Choksuchat discussed a sensational new landmark sculpture titled Man Fighting Shark.

This assembly marked a pivotal moment in the rejuvenation of a beloved public space. The proposed sculpture, destined for a prime spot in front of the Chao Pho-Chao Mae Thapthim Shrine near the downtown Hilton Hotel, promises to elevate the visual and cultural charm of the area.

Among the notable attendees were Boonkert Artanisakorn, President of the Sawang Hua Hin Thammasathan Foundation, and other key figures. The focus of the meeting was the municipality’s commitment to partially fund the construction of this new statue, replacing a dilapidated predecessor that collapsed several years ago.

While a Man Fighting Shark sculpture adorns Soi 94, the upcoming installation is poised to occupy the revered spot in front of the Jao Mae Tubtim Shrine.

A subsequent meeting has been scheduled to finalise plans and address any lingering concerns, showcasing the municipality’s proactive stance on this cultural initiative.

The buzz follows last year’s revelation about a 3-metre-tall statue of a man battling a shark, envisioned to be a cultural icon. Previously, a 1961 statue near the Clock Tower and Hua Hin Temple, conceived by Mayor Wiboon Wongsuwat, aimed to be a Hua Hin landmark, reported Hua Hin Today.

The statue, initially near the Mae Thapthim Shrine, fell into disrepair, prompting a private sector-funded replacement three years ago. The updated version promises to be bigger and grander, poised to regain its significance as a local landmark.

In related news, following the removal of the statues of Kru Kai Kaew and other deities, including Khun Paen, Umathumma, Brahma, nine-tailed fox, Thep Heng Chia, Thep Naja, and Thep Chaothaising, from the premises of The Bazaar Hotel Bangkok on December 30 last year, a hefty fine of over 1.3 million baht was levied on the company for unlawful construction activity in the area.

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