Thai widow criticises government’s lack of aid after Hamas attack

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A Thai widow, lamenting the loss of her husband in the Hamas attack in Israel on October 7, voiced concerns over the lack of financial aid from the Thai government.

The Thai woman, 30 year old Narisara Malee, is mourning the loss of her 34 year old husband, Tianchai Yotthongdee, who was among the Thai agricultural workers who lost their lives during the brutal assault by Hamas on Kibbutz Alumim, a region in southern Israel close to the Gaza Strip.

Narisara, along with her two children, aged eight and 12, were present at the Israeli embassy on Monday, having journeyed from the Buriram province in northeast Thailand. They were invited to partake in Yom HaZikaron, an annual day of national remembrance in Israel.

The memorial ceremony commemorates all soldiers and civilians who sacrificed their lives in defence of the Israeli state. This year, the ceremony also honoured the 39 Thai nationals who were victims of the October 7 attack.

When questioned about the financial aid she has received since the incident, Narisara stated that she had only received 40,000 baht in funeral expenses for her husband from the Thai government after the incident. For other remedial financial support from the Thai government, she has not yet received anything.

She further added that she has received financial help from her husband’s employers and the Israeli government. When questioned about the status of other families who also lost their primary earners, Narisara admitted her uncertainty.

She expressed her frustration with the Thai government’s response.

“The [Thai government] process is quite slow, or maybe I misunderstood something about the process as I have not received any money from the Thai government except for funeral expenses. Please do not neglect us.”

Orna Sagiv, the Israeli Ambassador to Thailand, confirmed that both the Israeli employers and her government are doing their utmost to provide financial assistance to those affected by the war, regardless of their nationality. She further assured that the Israeli government would offer substantial lifelong compensation to the bereaved widow, reported Bangkok Post.

Meanwhile, amid the ongoing conflict following the initial October 7 attack by the militant group Hamas, eight Thai nationals continue to be held hostage in Gaza.

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