Political activist detainee suffers cardiac arrest in custody

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A critical medical emergency unfolded this morning as political detainee Nethiporn, known as Bung from the Thaluwang Group, suffered a cardiac arrest. Medical personnel at Ratchadon Hospital confirmed that they are currently engaged in life-saving efforts, performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the patient.

Associated with the Thaluwang Group, she has been in police custody for her involvement in political activities. Details surrounding the circumstances that led to her heart-stopping remain scarce, but immediate medical intervention was initiated to resuscitate her.

The hospital’s medical team is fighting against the clock to stabilise her condition.

After her sentencing to one month in prison for contempt of court by the South Bangkok Criminal Court, Nethiporn has been detained at the Central Women’s Correctional Facility since January 26.

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Following this, she announced a hunger strike the following day on January 27. On April 9, the hunger strike of political detainees had been extended to involve four people, as per the Human Rights Lawyers Centre, reported Khaosod.

Further details on Nethiporn’s current health status or the potential causes of the cardiac arrest have been released. However, the question remains whether her hunger strike had significantly affected her health, leading to her cardiac arrest.

Nevertheless, this case underscores the critical nature of having adequate medical facilities and preparedness within places of detention. Events such as this serve as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of incarcerated individuals and the importance of ensuring their right to timely and appropriate medical care.

The gravity of Nethiporn’s condition has drawn attention not only due to her political status but also because of the underlying issues surrounding the healthcare of detainees, thereby highlighting the broader concerns of human rights within the political and judicial system.

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