Thai truck driver shot in Israel during Hamas attack, contact lost

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A 28 year old woman from Nong Song Hong District, Khon Kaen, revealed a shocking incident involving her 26 year old husband.

The woman, Supattra Asanok, revealed her husband, Phadung Butmo, originally from Kham Mueang District, Khon Kaen, currently works as an agricultural goods truck driver in Israel. He was shot in the back and right buttock during a Hamas attack on Israel. Phadung sent pictures of himself holding war ammunition and images of soldiers protecting the labour camp to his wife before losing contact. His condition is currently unknown.

Supattra said that her husband has been working in Israel for a year and five months in a five-year employment contract. Ever since he started working in Israel, he had been in touch every day, sending money home every month for his wife to build their home. He never complained about his living conditions or other troubles, only assuring that he was working hard to provide for the family.

On Saturday, October 7 at 10pm Thailand time, Phadung called Supattra as usual. They were chatting when she heard several gunshots in rapid succession. Phadung then told her that there was an attack by Israeli soldiers and the opposing party.

Supattra told reporters she could hear her husband scream in pain, telling her that he had been shot twice in the back and right hip amidst the ongoing Hamas attack. The call then got disconnected.

Phadung called back later, informing his wife that he had been rescued by Israeli soldiers and was being taken to a post office as the labour camp where he stayed had been attacked and burnt down, reported Sanook.

Thai truck driver shot in Israel during Hamas attack, contact lost | News by Thaiger
Some Thais behind held hostage by Hamas in Israel.

Supattra has been unable to contact her husband since then, or any of the Thai people who used to talk and stay with her husband. She informed Phadung’s parents about the incident, who live in Kham Mueang, Khao Suan Kwang.

His mother said she would travel to meet the Member of Parliament from Khon Kaen to seek help from the Thai government to bring her husband back home as soon as possible.

Supattra will also travel to meet her mother-in-law to perform a merit-making ceremony for her husband’s safety tomorrow. She prays for the safety of her husband and all Thai people to return home safely to their parents, relatives, and siblings.

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