Thai student suffers brutal punishment for playing game in computer lab

A 12 year old Thai student in Lam Plai Mat, Buriram Province, was reportedly beaten by a 40 year old mathematics teacher for playing a game called Takraw in the computer room. The boy, identified as A (name changed), returned home crying with a swollen forehead and multiple injuries on his neck and back.

His grandfather, 70 year old Sompan, was shocked to see the boy’s condition and learned about the teacher’s severe punishment.

According to Sompan, the incident occurred yesterday. He discovered A’s injuries, including a swollen forehead, when the boy returned home crying after school. Upon further examination, he found additional injuries on the boy’s neck and back.

A revealed that his mathematics teacher had caused the injuries by hitting him on the forehead with his fist. Despite seeking refuge under a table, the teacher continued to assault him. The cause of this brutality was A playing Takraw in the computer room.

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Sompan expressed his disappointment at the teacher’s violent approach. He believes that if a child misbehaves, the matter should be discussed with parents or guardians, who can help guide the child. Resorting to such violence against a child is unacceptable.

Following the incident, the teacher visited A’s home to apologise. Though Sompan did not press charges, he appealed to the teacher not to repeat such actions, stressing that young children do not fully understand right from wrong.

The village headman, Kanong Boonthong, shared that A was playing at the wrong place and time, despite being warned multiple times by the teacher. Nonetheless, this unfortunate incident came to a peaceful conclusion after the teacher apologised and admitted his mistake. Boonthong suspects the teacher acted out of frustration.

The local primary education office in Buriram Zone 1 has been alerted in response to the incident. The office’s director, Suchit Chomphuwong, said an investigation would follow. He also stated that in a recent monthly meeting, teachers were instructed against using violence on students in any circumstance. Such incidents were not expected to occur again, reported KhaoSod.

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