Thai student goes viral with Lisa dance cover on TikTok (video)

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A student from Phichit province has become an overnight sensation after posting a video on TikTok. The clip, featuring her cover of Lisa from BLACKPINK’s latest single Rockstar, has garnered over 5 million views in just one night.

Kulthida Suthiprapha, known as Nong Yeehwa, is a 16 year old student at Taphan Hin School. She first caught public attention when photos of her selling fried chicken, bearing a striking resemblance to Lisa, went viral. This unexpected fame led to an invitation for Nong Yeehwa to shoot a music video in Yaowarat yesterday, July 5. She documented the experience on her newly created TikTok channel, @yiwalisu, where she posted a video of herself dancing to Rockstar in the bustling streets of Yaowarat.

“I have Lisa as my idol.”

The video quickly amassed over five million views, turning Nong Yeehwa into an internet sensation almost instantly.

The story began when a single snapshot of Nong Yeehwa, while she was selling fried chicken, went viral. The photo’s rapid circulation can be attributed to her uncanny resemblance to Lisa, whose real name is Lalisa Manoban. Lisa recently launched her latest single under her own label, LLOUD, which has been making waves in the music industry.

The buzz around Lisa’s new single Rockstar has been significant, and Nong Yeehwa’s video added to the excitement. Fans of Lisa and BLACKPINK flocked to TikTok to watch the young student’s impressive dance cover. The video not only showcased her dancing skills but also highlighted the vibrant atmosphere of Yaowarat, known for its rich cultural heritage and bustling street scenes.

“I was thrilled and nervous at the same time while shooting the video. The support and love from everyone have been overwhelming.”

The clip has also received positive feedback from viewers, praising Nong Yeehwa for her resemblance to Lisa and her remarkable dance performance. Many commented on how her enthusiasm and energy resonated with them, making the video a joy to watch, reported KhaoSod.


หนูมีพี่ลิซ่าเป็นไอดอล🙏🏻🤍@LISA rockstar lisa เยาวราช น้องยี่หวา น้องไก่ทอด

♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – yiwalisu – yiwalisu

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