Bangkok boosts Yaowarat safety as Lisa’s video draws tourists

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The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) and the Tourism and Sports Ministry are intensifying safety measures in Yaowarat, also known as Chinatown, following a surge in visitors inspired by Lisa’s Rockstar music video. The video, featuring Thai K-pop star Lalisa “Lisa” Manobal, was filmed in Bangkok’s Chinatown and has captivated audiences globally.

The music video, which includes scenes shot near the Chaloem Buri intersection, was released on YouTube at 7am local time yesterday and has already amassed 38 million views. It highlights several elements of Thai culture, including the traditional wai gesture.

Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt visited Yaowarat last night to assess the area’s preparedness for an influx of visitors. He noted that Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) officials make regular visits to Chinatown, especially now that visitor numbers are rising.

Chadchart stated that traffic barriers along Yaowarat Road effectively segregate pedestrians from vehicles and announced plans to extend these barriers to accommodate more visitors. He also emphasised the importance of waste management in the area and mentioned that BMA street cleaners are regularly deployed to maintain cleanliness.

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The Samphanthawong District Office has been instructed to increase the number of litter bins.

He also requested traffic police to address issues with tuk tuk drivers who park and wait for passengers, causing congestion, and taxi drivers who overcharge.

Chadchart outlined several BMA initiatives for Yaowarat, including road closures to create a walking street, more pedestrian crossing signals, and cooperation with local businesses to provide public toilets.

“I’d like to thank Lisa for choosing Yaowarat as a filming location for the video, making the location popular worldwide.”

Tourism and Sports Minister Sermsak Pongpanich, along with other high-level ministry officials, recently inspected businesses, restaurants, check-in spots, and hotels in the Yaowarat area. He called for collaboration between the private and public sectors to install more CCTV cameras, toilets, and signs, as well as to improve footpaths for better accessibility.

Many businesses in Chinatown are hopeful that the influx of tourists will boost the local economy. A vendor from Thai Long Jie shop expressed optimism, saying that the viral trend sparked by Lisa’s music video will attract more tourists to Yaowarat.

Other small vendors share this sentiment, eagerly anticipating the economic benefits that increased tourism could bring, reported Bangkok Post..

Government Spokesman Chai Wacharonke posted on his X page, noting that Lisa’s popularity will further promote tourism in Thailand.

“She makes all Thai people proud”

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