Pattaya police investigate foreigner’s claim of 20,000-baht slot win

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A foreign man recently stirred controversy among the Pattaya community by claiming a 20,000-baht win from an online slot machine in a Facebook post. His boastful remarks quickly caught the attention of netizens and local police.

The incident occurred when the foreigner posted in the Facebook group Pattaya, Thailand on July 3.

“It’s good to play slot machines and win 20,000 baht.”

This post was subsequently shared by the popular Thai Facebook page Drama-addict.

“This man says he won 20,000 baht playing slots in Thailand. What do the local police have to say about this?”

The post garnered a significant number of comments, with many netizens urging the police to investigate the matter. Some individuals speculated that the man may have gambled at Soi 6, an area close to the Pattaya Police Station. However, there was no concrete evidence to support this claim.

In response, Pattaya police initiated an investigation, scrutinising several local businesses, but were unable to locate the establishment where the gambling supposedly took place. Some netizens suggested that the post could have been a joke or a deliberate provocation, and speculated that the man might not even be in Thailand at present.

Despite these uncertainties, Pattaya police have taken the situation seriously. They are currently attempting to track down the foreigner, who is reportedly known for his online activity, to interview him about the post. Police have urged the man to come forward and speak to them directly.

“We do not find the situation funny. We are actively searching for this individual and encourage him to turn himself in and discuss the matter with us in person.”

Thailand enforces some of the strictest anti-gambling laws in the world, barring all forms of gambling except for the government-sponsored national lottery, reported Pattaya News.

In related new, Thai police delivered a significant blow to the online gambling industry with the dismantling of two major illegal betting websites. The operation, dubbed ZERO BET, saw the seizure of nearly 10 million baht in cash and luxury assets, including high-end vehicles like Lamborghinis and BMWs, totalling over 60 million baht in value.

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