Thai Smile Bus electrifies its fleet with a shocking 1,083 EVs

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Thai Smile Bus, a leading public transportation company utilising clean energy, plans to introduce an additional 1,083 electric buses (EV) to its fleet by next year, according to the company’s CEO, Kulapatsorn Wongmajarabhin. This initiative is part of the company’s ongoing commitment over the past two years to develop environmentally friendly public transportation and reduce PM2.5 dust pollution in urban areas.

At present, the company operates 2,500 buses (comprising 2,017 EVs and 483 NGV buses) across 123 routes, authorised by the Department of Land Transport, Ministry of Transport. In addition to enhancing public transportation, the company has also provided employment and improved the quality of life for over 3,000 staff members.

The company’s future plans include the procurement of an additional 1,083 electric buses, aiming to achieve a fleet total of 3,100 units. This will significantly enhance the efficiency of public transportation across all areas. The company anticipates completing the procurement by next year, 2023, which will significantly help in reducing carbon emissions by up to 248,000 tonnes per year. This is equivalent to planting 24.8 million trees.

As for the Hop Card ticketing system, which may be insufficient in some selling points due to passenger demand, Thai Smile Bus has expanded its ticket distribution channels through its Line Official Account THAISMILEBUS, Facebook Thai Smile Bus and Thai Smile Bot, as well as Bus Hostess, Shopee, and Lazada.

To find these, simply search for Thai Smile Group and take advantage of the special Daily Max Fare promotion designed to reduce living costs for the public.

Passengers travelling multiple times can pay a flat fare of no more than 40 baht for the entire day, or travel by bus and electric boat for only 50 baht, reported Khaosod Online.

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