Motorcycle taxi driver collided with pickup truck door in Bang Phli

Image courtesy of Khaosod Online.

A brutal collision ensued as a motorcycle crashed into an opened door of a pickup truck, injuring the rider severely. The incident occurred yesterday when local police from Bang Phli station in Samut Prakan were alerted about a motorbike colliding with a pickup truck door, resulting in injuries.

The accident took place inside Soi Bang Pla 45, Bang Pla, Bang Phli. Upon receiving the notification, they coordinated with the Ruamkatanyu Foundation officials and paramedics from Chularat Hospital 3 to inspect the scene.

At the heart of the mentioned Soi, they found an injured man known as 31 year old Suthep, who was a motorcycle taxi driver. Initial emergency medical treatment was provided before he was transported to Chularat Hospital 3.

Nearby, a Yamaha Jupiter motorcycle, black and red in colour, was found fallen. Adjacent to it, a white Toyota Revo pickup truck was parked roadside. The right door of the truck had visible signs of a collision, showing damage from the impact.

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The pickup truck driver relayed that he had parked his vehicle roadside to deliver goods to a shop within the soi. As he opened the door to descend, a motorcycle from behind crashed into the door with such force that the rider fell and sustained injuries. The driver immediately checked on the victim and called for assistance.

The officers have mapped and photographed the accident scene for evidence. They have also summoned the pickup driver for further statements at the station. Moreover, they plan to review footage from the closed circuit cameras at the accident site to determine the cause of this incident before proceeding with legal action, reported Khaosod Online.

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