Melodic breakup: Thai singers Namwan Pimra and Kwang AB Normal harmonise in friendship’s aftermath

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The beautiful friendship between the singers Namwan Pimra and Kwang AB Normal seems to remain in tune, despite their recent breakup.

The couple’s separation sent shockwaves through their fanbase. The split seemed even more dramatic due to the ongoing online feud between Kwang and Namwan’s mother. However, Namwan cleared the air by explaining the reasons for their separation and reassured fans that they were still on good terms.

The couple’s breakup announcement left their fans in disbelief. Both Namwan Pimra, also known as Namwan Sasa, and Kwang AB Normal, real name Kwang Sirisilp Chotvijit, were beloved by their fans for their musical talents.

The online feud between Kwang and Namwan’s mother only added fuel to the fire, making the separation seem more intense. Amid the drama, Namwan, the person at the centre of these relationships, stepped forward to clarify the reasons behind their separation. She reassured fans that they had peacefully decided to part ways and continue their lives separately. They bear no grudges against each other and continue to talk as before.

Kwang’s recent Instagram activities seem to affirm this amiable ending. He posted a picture of himself sitting in front of a mirror at a barbershop, with the caption: time to change. Following this, he posted a picture of his new, stylish haircut on Instagram, with the caption: this style might upset my mother, but I’m ready to dive headfirst into this crazy season.

Amidst the flurry of comments from fans and friends admiring his new look, a surprise comment came from his ex-girlfriend, Namwan. She commented: really good, this style, followed by a clapping hands emoji. This was quickly followed by a teasing comment from another musician, Taek Phranayu: what’s going on? with a heart and smitten face emoji. To this, Namwan replied: just admiring, you know how you are. This exchange sparked excitement among fans, with many hoping for a reunion between the singers, reported KhaoSod.

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A page named Jae Moy 108 also shared moments of Kwang and Namwan’s enduring friendship. However, the comments section was not just filled with reunion hopes but also criticisms directed at Namwan’s mother. Some comments read:

“They still love each other, but they had to break up because of her mother. He loves her, but her mother is the problem. I feel sorry for Namwan, she still loves him, but her mother isn’t satisfied.”

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