Phuket locals back proposal for extended nightlife venue operating hours

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A bustling crowd of over 800 individuals gathered at Kathu Wittaya School in Phuket yesterday, participating in a public forum aimed at gauging sentiment regarding the extension of nightlife venue operating hours to 4am in designated zones. The proposal received unanimous approval from those in attendance, reflecting a collective inclination towards longer nightlife hours.

The forum, presided over by Kathu District Chief Theeraphong Chuaychu, is part of a broader initiative mandated by the national government. The objective is to trial the 4am zones in four popular tourist locales across the nation – Bangkok, Chon Buri, Chiang Mai, and Phuket.

Theeraphong noted that the meeting’s purpose was to gather diverse perspectives from the community, including locals, business proprietors, academics, and officers. The Ministry of Interior and the government, he said, are contemplating extending service hours to 4am as part of a tourism integration strategy aimed at bolstering tourism and stimulating economic growth, reported The Phuket News.

However, Theeraphong cautioned that lengthening service hours could lead to various problems and impacts, necessitating careful planning and comprehensive information gathering for consideration. He stated that the forum was organised to listen to the viewpoints of citizens, civil society, and stakeholders from all professional groups.

Theeraphong further explained that if the initiative is found to have public backing, local authorities would need to submit proposals for extending service hours to 4am in specific areas. He disclosed that six regions in the Kathu District, all located in Patong, are currently under review for the 4am closing time.

The participants’ unanimous show of hands in favour of the extended operating hours was noted in an official report of the meeting. “Therefore, it can be considered that the operation was completed at that time,” the report stated.

Moving forward, Kathu District, along with relevant agencies and business operators, is set to draft a plan outlining the designated 4am closing zones and their management. This plan is to be submitted to the Ministry of Interior by November 17, according to the report.

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