Thai rock icons Cocktail to disband in 2025 after two decades

Renowned Thai rock band Cocktail, acclaimed for hits such as Kneel, You Make Me Sad, You, Persevere, Not Second, and others, announced they will disband in 2025. After more than two decades of captivating audiences with their music, the band members have decided to part ways and pursue individual paths in life, marking the end of an era for their fans.

Cocktail’s journey began when the lead singer, inspired by his friends’ musical endeavours at school, started playing music at the age of 17. Over the years, the band’s passion for music led them to chase the shadows of artists who inspired them, aspiring to achieve similar recognition and success. As time passed, they realised the importance of carving out their niche, creating a unique identity that could not be replicated.

The band members learned that talent alone wasn’t the key to their journey. The support of people around them and external factors played significant roles in their success. They embraced their strengths and weaknesses, honing their skills, and appreciated the help of others, acknowledging that timing and luck often played a part in their achievements.

As they grew older, the members of Cocktail came to terms with the limitations that age and change bring. They reflected on their time as musicians, aiming to live without regrets. This introspection led to the decision that the time had come to conclude their journey as Cocktail, a decision made collectively with the entire team, including the crew behind the scenes.

The band has prepared for this moment for several years, establishing a fund to ensure the well-being of everyone involved with Cocktail. They have planned a two-year farewell to express their gratitude to all who have been part of their journey. In the final two years, Cocktail intends to embark on new endeavours, meet fans, and perform intimate concerts, leading up to a final tour and major farewell concerts in 2025.

The announcement of the band’s disbanding has sparked a flood of emotions among fans, with many expressing their understanding, sadness, and gratitude for the music that has been a part of their lives. The legacy of Cocktail will undoubtedly live on in the hearts of their dedicated followers as they bid farewell to a band that has left an indelible mark on the Thai rock music scene, reported KhaoSod.

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