K-pop idol caught selling fan’s gift sparks industry debate

A revelation has shaken the Korean entertainment industry as a member of a boy band was caught selling a fan-given gift on an online flea market. The incident came to light when the idol listed a shirt for sale at 150,000 won (3,900 baht), claiming it was purchased in Japan and was being sold due to a defect. However, the true owner of the shirt, a fan, recognised it as the one they had gifted their beloved idol.

The online community quickly identified the idol embroiled in the scandal as Jang Yubin, the youngest member of the boy group MIRAE, under DSP Media, which debuted on March 17, 2021. Yubin has since apologised to fans and rationalised his actions by stating he was trying to sell the gift because he didn’t want to ask his parents for money.

Despite approaching its third anniversary in the industry, MIRAE has yet to achieve significant success, especially coming from a smaller agency. Yubin, only 20 years old, has faced financial difficulties as idols without work essentially have no salary.

The young idol’s dilemma sparked debates among fans of various groups. While some feel betrayed by the act of selling a heartfelt gift, others sympathize with the idol’s lack of options, suggesting that the gifts can indeed help sustain their lives in tough times.

Idols still under contract are likened to mice trapped in a snare, unable to take on other work, and expected to survive without an income—a predicament when the managing agencies fail to provide adequate care. DSP Media has responded to the unfolding situation by stating they are in the process of verifying the facts.

This incident has opened up a broader conversation about the pressures and financial struggles faced by young entertainers in the highly competitive K-pop industry. It highlights the complex relationship between idols and their fans, where support and expectations can sometimes lead to unforeseen consequences. As the story develops, the focus is now on how DSP Media will address the situation and what measures, if any, will be taken to prevent similar occurrences in the future, reported KhaoSod.

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